Volunteering Programs

Tired of joining tour packages? Want to avoid that loneliness and life of solitude as a backpacker? How about an experience that would let you interact with locals, put your specialties into use and make a difference in other people's life and probably yours as well? Volunteering is to help others and care for the community, it is also an exchange. By devoting your time and passion, you can learn some new skills, make more new friends, and to know yourself better in return. Volunteering abroad is always regarded as a kind of cultural exposure towards different countries. Through practices such as teaching English, building homes or playing with the disadvantaged, not only you could immerse yourself into the community, but also experience their lifestyle. Volunteering projects led by experienced leaders are now more popular among Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia particularly due to the many travel attractions available in the region. Beyond any wages, a volunteer is working as a change maker as well. Any short stays can make a huge difference to the local community. There is a wide range of options to choose from based on your own project interests and geographical preference.